Interview: Peter Andre

The singer and reality TV star on his TV likes and dislikes


Do you ever Google yourself?

I have Google Alerts, so I get updated when anything is written about me – and why not? I’m proud of my career and I like sending things through to my mum and dad. Today, for example, I was in the papers with Boris Johnson promoting reading and they are so proud. I read the headlines and can tell from that whether it’s something I want to read – if not I delete it straightaway!


What’s your guilty TV pleasure?

You’re going to think I’m weird, but UFO Hunters (History) and UFO Files (Discovery) – I can’t stop watching those shows, I’m obsessed. I don’t care what anybody says, there is definitely something going on out there. It’s my comfort viewing because it takes me away from everything I do. Believe it or not I don’t watch any reality TV – Amy Childs hates me because I’ve never seen The Only Way Is Essex.

Do you watch your own reality TV series?

I tape them because my kids like to watch the episodes they’re in, and my parents, who live in Australia, like to watch them – but I wouldn’t sit and watch them.

Would you ever go back into the jungle for I’m a Celebrity…?

I would if they put together a “Best Of ” with former contestants like Kerry Katona, Gino de Campo and Joe Swash and it was for charity. I didn’t mind the tasks when I was on the show. I didn’t have to eat any bugs, but I did have to lie in a coffin with thousands of spiders.

Would you do any other celebrity reality shows?

Strictly has approached me several times but it takes months of dedication – at the moment I just can’t give that time. One day I’m sure I’ll be knocking on their door.

Which TV personality have you met who was different to what you expected?

Everyone told me Bruce Forsyth would be arrogant, but I met him when I performed on Strictly last year and he wasn’t like that at all – it was so nice to see him… to see him nice. Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

The last person or programme you changed the channel to avoid?

I can’t stand extreme makeover shows where they give people surgery. It’s not my kind of thing.

Who was the first television personality you fancied?

Melanie Sykes back in the day – she was amazing! Now it would have to be Jessica Alba – she is the most beautiful, natural woman.

You’re on a date. What film would you take someone to see?

I love comedies – The Hangover Part II is the funniest film I’ve ever seen. I wish I could have a weekend away like that with my friends.

When did you last shout at the radio or TV?

I’m always shouting at the sat nav when I’m in the car listening to the radio. A good song comes on and I’m singing along just for that woman to interrupt with “Please take the next left.” I like listening to Heart and Magic – I know it’s cheesy but they play the classics I grew up on.

Who would you like to play you in a film of your life?

My favourite actor is Robert De Niro but that’s never going to happen, is it? The perfect person to play me in a few years is my son. I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop him going into showbusiness. He was so angry when I wouldn’t let him get on stage with me at the O2 – the truth is I knew he’d have stolen the show and I would be finished for ever and I couldn’t handle it.

Would you like him to go into showbusiness?


Junior is very sensitive, like me, so I would try to explain the pitfalls and help him develop a thick skin – I wouldn’t want him to get hurt. But nothing can prepare you for the negativity of fame. I’m only just starting to enjoy the industry after all these years.