Trailer: Final Destination 5

Watch the trailer for the upcoming supernatural horror in which Death is the villain


This summer sees the release of Final Destination 5, the latest instalment of the popular horror franchise in which the villain isn’t some madman sporting a hockey mask or a razor-fingered fellow in a stripey sweater, but Death him/her/itself. Directed by Steven Quale, shot in 3D and starring Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell and Arlen Escarpeta, the series’ fifth entry sees a group of people – who were fated to die in the collapse of a suspension bridge, before being saved by a premonition – menaced by Death as the ethereal grim reaper seeks to claim those souls who got away. Full of more of the gruesome set pieces that the Final Destination films are renowned for, part five will begin haunting cinemas from Friday 26 August.