Four Rooms, Four Dealers: Emma Hawkins

The leather clad wheeler-dealer talks about this series of the Channel 4 show


The shrewdly coquettish one with the enigmatic smile and a penchant for leather and uncomfortable-looking chairs.


What was your best deal of the series?

I still feel it was the Francis Bacon (ripped Francis Bacon artwork). It was really a “wow” for me, and I think Andrew was pretty jealous of me for getting that!

Was there a piece you desperately wanted that you didn’t manage to get your hands on?

I really liked Andrew’s Gilbert and George reclining drunk. I just thought it had a great story behind it and I offered what it was sold for, which is always annoying.

Have you made a decent profit on anything you’ve bought during the series?

Yes I have!

How do you know so much about such a wide range of subjects? Do you take advice?

Yes, it is necessary to take advice on some occasions, but I’ve been in the business for 20 years and some things you know really well and other things, as with anything in life, require some research.

And finally, what will you offer me for a collection of leatherbound volumes of every single Radio Times since 1923?


It’s not really one for me — sadly the series isn’t long enough yet. Maybe come back to me in another 10 years?!