Rough Cuts: Murder in my street

An eyewitness describes what happened the day Lewis came to film


It takes a lot to surprise people these days. In my corner of west London we’ve seen almost everything: muggings, drugs deals, even the occasional police officer.


Still, you’d think that ITV1’s flagship crime drama, Lewis, rolling up to film a scene or two would elicit a bit of excitement.

“It’s really rather good,” said one woman, as massive trailers blocked driveways and brought traffic to a standstill while they manoeuvred to park in the street. “I only listen to Radio 4,” replied a man, remaining resolutely unimpressed.

With Dr Laura Hobson’s name pinned to one trailer door, surely our little London street was playing host to a murder. And that’s something we haven’t seen before.


So, in the next series of Lewis, keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of W3. You should certainly be able to spot the actress wearing a particularly violent pair of floral trousers. But one thing’s for sure: if they’re going to try to pass Acton off as Oxford, they’d better have damn good CGI!