Rageh Omaar: “I’m not donning a religious mantle”

Housewives' favourite reporter talks about returning to the BBC with series about the Prophet Muhammad

Five years after he left the BBC, journalist and former “Scud Stud” Rageh Omaar is back with a new documentary on the sensitive subject of religion, theology and The Life of Muhammad.


“This is not ‘Rageh Omaar’s take on Muhammad’,” he tells Radio Times. “I don’t want to put myself at the centre. I’ve approached this as a broadcaster and a writer who knows about the subject, not as a theological expert. I’m not donning a religious mantle.”

Omaar says the documentary does not set out to be controversial but recognises that the topic is sensitive –  perhaps especially since the Danish newspaper cartoons of 2005. “We did discuss those cartoons a lot,” he says. “But there are some things that when included act as a magnetic force for obscuring the rest. If we’d shown the cartoons, the series would simply have become about that sequence.”


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