Teleprompt: Terra Nova

Sky1 will show Steven Spielberg's big-budget sci-fi drama this autumn, but what's it about?


Well lookee here, Sky1 are going to be airing Terra Nova this autumn.


Terror what?

It’s Latin, dummy. Terra Nova (“New Earth”) is a sci-fi drama from the States about a family from 2149 who travel 85 million years back in time to join a human colony called Terra Nova. Hence the title.

Time travel, eh? How’re they going to do that? Reckon this show’s going to feature any police boxes?

Doubt it. No, apparently they’ll be travelling via a portal, a sort of rip in the space-time continuum, to escape the smog-choked Earth of tomorrow. The planet’s a wee bit overpopulated, you see.

Sounds like Lost in Space.


Sorry. I mean, sounds heavy.

Indeed. And that’s not the half of it. You know what this new human colony is slap-bang in the middle of? A group of dinosaurs.

Friendly, leaf-eating dinos, like diplodocuses?

I’m afraid not. Nope, they’ll be living next door to a bunch of scaly carnivores and all their sharp teeth and flashing claws.

So it’s humans against raptors and the like? Hope they’re a bit more tooled up than in Jurassic Park then.

Actually it’s funny you should mention that film. Steven Spielberg’s one of the executive producers on Terra Nova.

Cool, so it’ll be Jurassic Park: the TV series!

No, no, if anything it’s more like Lost-meets-Primeval. And Mad Max. See, there’s a renegade group of humans out there, too, making life a misery in addition to the dinos.


Yep, sounds like it’s going to be a tough old time for this family, doesn’t it?

Speaking of which, who’s going to be playing them?

Jason O’Mara from In Justice and Mistresses’ Shelley Conn play mum and dad, Jim and Elisabeth Shannon; Landon Liboiron, Naomi Scott and Alana Mansour are the kids, Josh, Maddy and Zoe. There’s a chap from Avatar on board, too – Stephen Lang – as one of the colony’s commanders. And Christine Adams from Tron: Legacy.

Some big profiles there…

You’re not wrong. Mind you, each episode apparently cost about $4 million, so there was clearly cash in the kitty to pay for some decent talent. The show looks great, too. I mean, really Blade Runner-quality.

So when will we get a look at this dino-rama?

It’s going to start broadcasting in the US on 26 September and, web piracy being what it is, Sky1’s “autumn” transmission date will probably translate as a veritable simulcast. Bring on the palaeontology!