Ian Wright’s film debut imminent

Ex-Arsenal striker to star in Romanian supernatural thriller Gun of the Black Sun


Get ready to add another name to the pantheon of great British thespians as ex-Arsenal striker Ian Wright’s debut film is soon to be released.


Yes, if Gordon Ramsay’s cameo in Love’s Kitchen has got you in the mood for more celebrity crossovers, you’ll be delighted (and possibly surprised) to learn that the former Live at Studio Five host stars as a nightclub owner in a new independent Brit/Romanian flick called Gun of the Black Sun.

The film’s plot sounds like the sort of thing Philip K Dick might have turned out after a week-long sleep-deprivation experiment: in 1940, the Romanian Iron Guard place a curse on a Luger pistol given to them by top-table Nazi Heinrich Himmler.

This pistol is rediscovered years later among the possessions of an elderly dying man by his granddaughter and coveted by a madman who dreams of somehow using the cursed gun to restore fascism to Europe. One thing leads to another and the Luger ends up in the hands of a pair of nightclub owners, played by Wright and the film’s British producer, Gary Douglas, who decide that the aforementioned villain’s dastardly schemes must be derailed.

Scoff if you must but it sounds a heck of a lot more entertaining than Love’s Kitchen. Or The King’s Speech, come to that. Check out the trailer but be warned that there are one or two naughty words in it, so probably best not to play it to anyone offended by that kind of thing…


The film will be released on DVD from Friday 15 July.