Monty Python team reunited and working on new film

And see videos of our favourite five Python moments, without a parrot in sight...

The surviving Pythons have reunited for the first time since 1983’s The Meaning of Life to collaborate on a new project.


Their new film, entitled A Liar’s Autobiography, is a 3D animated feature based on late Python member Graham Chapman’s memoir of the same title.

Production is already under way on the film, with 15 different animation companies working on adapting individual chapters of the book.

The film will feature Chapman’s voice, taken from an archive recording of a reading of his autobiography, alongside the voices of his former colleagues.

To celebrate the reunion, we’ve trawled YouTube to bring you five of our favourite Monty Python sketches ever.

1.\tPhilosophy football

Glorious sketch done for their German broadcasts, this sees the Germans (captained by ‘Nobby’ Hegel) pitted against the Greeks in a debate to the finish. If only real sport was this entertaining…

2.\tThe Ministry of Silly Walks

Only a man with the unique combination of old-fashioned British bearing and impossibly flexible long legs could have made this sketch work. Fortunately John Cleese lacked neither…

3.\tMr Creosote

Taking gross-out humour to extremes, we never tire of seeing Mr Creosote’s surly deportment. Or his ribcage. All together now: “It’s waf-fer theeen!”

4.\tNudge Nudge, Wink Wink

Proving, like Finbarr Saunders from Viz, that anything can be a double entendre if you think stupidly about it, this pub-based bawdy chat never fails to raise a smile (ooh, er!)…

5.\tKiller Cars

And people thought the Beatles had the monopoly on lysergic cartoons with Yellow Submarine. Wonderfully surreal animation about a plague of people-eating cars…


What’s your favourite Python sketch? Excited about the new film? Post a comment and let us know.