Green Lantern sequel battles on despite negative reception

Poor reviews and a disappointing box office performance haven’t beaten the superhero yet

Work is continuing with the sequel to comic book movie spin-off Green Lantern, despite an underwhelming critical response and lacklustre box office figures for the first film.


Results from Green Lantern’s second weekend in US cinemas show a 66% drop-off from opening. And while Warner Bros execs have suggested the movie is “settling in” – pointing out that comic book adaptations often see relatively low second weekends – the Hollywood Reporter says that, even by such comparisons, Green Lantern has suffered “a big decline”.

The film, starring Ryan Reynolds as the emerald-clad superhero, cost $200 million to make – on top of an enormous marketing budget – but has so far grossed only $89.3 million in America.

Critical reviews have been equally poor. Radio Times called the script “cliché-ridden and uninspiring”, giving it just two stars out of five, and others have been similarly damning.


But with work on a new script already under way – and Warner Bros desperate to create new movie franchises following the conclusion of the Harry Potter saga – it seems that, for now at least, Green Lantern 2 is getting the green light.