Glastonbury 2011: Lauren Laverne discusses the hype

The BBC 6 Music DJ almost performed at the festival as a teen


Is the hype true?


Glastonbury is the Christmas of music. Like Christmas, there’s endless build-up and endless debate about the weather; some things about it are stressful, others are annoying… And, like Christmas, it’s magical.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Beyoncé is going to be incredibly exciting and I’m really keen to see what U2 do. I’m dying to know how they’re going to bring their massive, futuristic stadium tour to a field in Somerset. I’m also excited about KC and the Sunshine Band, a seminal funk act from Florida.

Do you have a favourite stage?

The Park Stage. It’s the newest and most cutting-edge of the stages and where a lot of the acts themselves hang out. There’s also a headliner-sized band doing a gig there but they haven’t yet been revealed. I think I might know who it is and, if I’m right, it will be thrilling indeed…

Which Glastonbury memory do you most treasure?

Being on the side of the stage for Blur’s comeback gig in 2009. The first album I ever bought was Leisure by Blur, so to see such a brilliant set so close up was stupefying. I wanted to say to my 12-year-old self: don’t worry! Nobody understands why you like this but it’s going to work out OK for you.

And worst?

My first Glastonbury: I was 18 and my band Kenickie were supposed to be playing. It rained and rained and rained and the stage sank into the mud so we couldn’t play. That was grim.

Are you camping?

I’ll be in a small hotel where all the BBC bods stay every year. I really enjoy camping at other festivals – honestly! – but I have to look relatively presentable for the telly. You can’t go on looking like the Wicker Man, with wonky hair and mud all over your face, unfortunately.

Best of the rest?

I really like the atmosphere at Bestival. It’s curated by [Radio 1 DJ] Rob da Bank, who has excellent taste, and they always have a fancy-dress theme.


Lauren Laverne presents Glastonbury coverage on 6 Music and BBC2 throughout the weekend.