Russell T Davies calls David Cameron “savage and evil”

Torchwood screenwriter hits out at the government over BBC spending cuts


Former Doctor Who mastermind Russell T Davies has branded Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg “savage and evil people”.


The writer’s remarks came as part of a discussion about government-enforced BBC funding cuts on Radio 4’s Front Row last night.

Davies went on to criticise the six-year licence fee freeze the corporation is facing, claiming that the government’s actions constitute “a precedent for [further] cuts”.

He also expressed doubt that David Cameron ever “sat down and enjoyed a night of television”.

Davies, who publicly predicted in 2009 that the Conservative party would “dismantle” the BBC on coming to power, lambasted the government for conspiring to appear “slightly bumbling”, while in reality being “lethal as a laser underneath it all”.

The precarious state of BBC finances was cited by Davies as the rationale for shooting the next series of Torchwood in America: “The reason for the move to the States was to get co-production money…[Starz, the company co-producing Torchwood] bought a level of funding which we couldn’t have got from the BBC.”

During the course of the interview, Davies also confirmed that a final six-episode series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will air in the autumn.


The children’s Doctor Who spin-off, which has been on air since 2007, stars Elisabeth Sladen, who passed away earlier this year during filming for the new series.