E4 commissions second series of Made in Chelsea

There's more to come from the popular King's Road rahs


It may have started out as a less accessible, less interesting version of The Only Way Is Essex, but Made in Chelsea has continued to attract more and more viewers over its eight-week run.


And now, before the final episode is due to air on Monday (27 June), E4 has commissioned a second series of the upper crust British reality soap for later this year. So who’s “jel” now, Amy Childs?

Fewer than 380,000 viewers were drawn to the first episode, but it began trending on Twitter during the broadcast as people discussed the lives and loves of its wealthy stars.

Word of mouth and continued talk on social networking sites encouraged the ratings to almost double, with recent episodes hitting around the 700,000 mark. Even more people have since been tuning in to watch the repeat of the show an hour later on E4+1, or enjoy a marathon of episodes online via catch-up service 4oD.

The show’s executive producer, Sarah Dillstone, said, “Made in Chelsea has proved addictive viewing for UK audiences, a testament to our brilliant cast and their extraordinary lives. We are excited to give fans the opportunity to delve deeper into these characters’ relationships next season.”

Each episode opens with central character Caggie Dunlop uttering the immortal words, “You may have heard rumours that Chelsea is an exclusive world of royals, aristocrats and playboys, where the gossip is as startling as the prices. Well, it’s all true, and I’d know.”

If you’ve not had a chance to see the show, all the episodes are still available to watch online – failing that, here’s a quick summary, and it’s “totes amaze” (you’ll pick up the lingo soon enough, too):

OK, deep breath…

Caggie’s got big hair, a nice handbag and a driver – she’s always been in love with Spencer, but Spencer has a girlfriend, Funda, who’s a dancer. Spencer likes Caggie, too, but he lives with Funda and her miniature dog (which she carries in her handbag when she’s not dancing). Caggie is best friends with Millie, and Millie likes Hugo. Hugo happens to be Spencer’s best friend but Millie’s other friend, Rosie, also likes Hugo. Hugo wears expensive jackets and Rosie has a friend called Amber who designs jewellery. They all go to the same nightclub, where Ollie works. Ollie has very silky hair, a girlfriend called Gabriella, and two best friends, Binky and Cheska, who wear a lot of fake tan. Another of their “friends”, Francis, runs a diamond enterprise. Francis employs a Lithuanian intern, Agne, and develops a crush on her. Francis’s friend, Frederik, is a model and also likes Agne.

And one final breath for what we can look forward to on Monday (spoiler alert)…

Spencer breaks up with Funda for Caggie, but Caggie wants to go to New York to pursue her music career. Hugo and Millie get together but Rosie still likes Hugo. Ollie decides he’s bisexual and breaks up with Gabriella, before trying his hand at modelling. Agne decides she likes neither Francis or Frederik. Binky and Cheska continue to wear a lot of fake tan.


Phew! Bring on the second series…