Pottermore “coming soon” website attracts 2.5 million hits in 36 hours

Speculation engulfs the net on the eve of JK Rowling's top-secret announcement

With less than 24 hours to go before author JK Rowling unveils her top-secret Pottermore project, it’s clear that – to misquote Hulk Hogan – Pottermania is running wild. \t


The mysterious website pottermore.com, which unveiled its holding page last Thursday, received a staggering 2.5 million hits after just 36 hours online, and the Pottermore Twitter feed had amassed 79,427 follows as of noon today.

Further, the YouTube channel the website links to has been viewed 2,619,450 times and attracted 60,447 subscribers.

At present, visitors to the page are met with the message “coming soon…” accompanied by the author’s signature and two CGI owls, both of which look as though they’ve been rendered for a computer game.

The page links through to a unique YouTube channel screen populated by more animated owls, a countdown clock and a series of un-clickable links to other YouTube videos.

Unsurprisingly, speculation is rife about what the project will ultimately turn out to be, with media commentators guessing at everything from the launch of the Harry Potter books in electronic form to the unveiling of a Hogwarts-based theme park.

Other hunches include a prequel novel, a book about the next generations of young wizards, a Harry Potter encyclopedia, or an online game.

The only certainty is that it won’t be a new novel featuring the famous bespectacled wizard, as Rowling’s lawyer, Neil Blair, has revealed publicly that “this will not be a new Harry Potter book”.

Whatever the announcement turns out to be, we’d best hope the technical wizards at YouTube are prepared for a pre-lunchtime traffic surge tomorrow…


Got any theories about what Pottermore might be? Will you be logging on to YouTube tomorrow for the announcement? Post a comment and let us know.