Interview: Brian Matthew & Johnnie Walker

The BBC Radio 2 presenters share their most meaningful records


What song means most to you?


Brian: “The first album I was given was the LP of the film High Society, from a colleague with whom I’d been on the forces radio. It is one of the few LPs I still have and I certainly still enjoy it.

I had thousands of LPs but my wife felt they took up too much space, so we moved over to CDs and got rid of most of them. I can’t believe the price some went for. For one of my 45s, Pink Floyd’s See Emily Play, a guy gave me £400. I spoke to my producer and he said it was worth £800!”

Johnny: “While Brian was working at the BBC using a script, I and my fellow rebels got onto pirate radio stations to try and put this guy out of work!

The BBC was known as “Auntie” because there were a lot of records that weren’t played, either because the BBC thought they were about drugs or because they were too long. In 1967, they started Radio 1 and a couple of years later I started working there, but I was very restricted.

I got to pick one record – Loudon Wainwright III’s Dead Skunk, which I thought was an ideal lunchtime song as I knew it would get right up the nose of the producers.”


2Day on Radio 2 sees the station shake up their schedules and presenters for one day on Wednesday 22 June. Tune in to Brian and Johnny at 11.00am