The Apprentice: is Nick Hewer out of tune with Lord Sugar?

Fans of the show assume Alan Sugar’s trusted aide knows him inside out - but is that really true?

In a recent interview with Radio Times, Lord Sugar’s right-hand man, Nick Hewer, shared his thoughts on the surviving Apprentice candidates. Of Glenn Ward, 28, a senior design engineer, he enthused:


“Glenn is smart. He’s an engineer, which appeals to Lord Sugar, who loves engineers, loves engineers. I think his time’s yet to come… he’s got that great thing, which is the engineering background. Sugar’s essentially an engineer isn’t he, an electronics man? So let’s wait and see if that is helpful to Glenn.”

We didn’t have to wait long. Last night, with losing project manager Jim served up on a platter in front of him (and Susie a tasty looking hors d’oeuvre), Lord Sugar fired Glenn. His reason?  “You’re an engineer… I’ve never yet come across an engineer who could turn his hand to business.”

So what’s with Nick’s “engineer”-strewn claims that Lord Sugar is practically infatuated with them? Was he just messing with us? Is he completely out of tune with his boss? Or are we just expecting too much?


After all, can any man really know the mind of Sugar…?