Alan Titchmarsh v Monty Don

Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don are both back in the garden on Friday nights... So how do they compare?

Earth Movers…


Alan Titchmarsh: Voted the second sexiest man on television in 2003 by readers of Hello! magazine.

Monty Don: In 2010 Question Time hired him alongside an all-female audience for International Women’s Day.
Roots of Success…

Alan Titchmarsh: Apprenticed in Yorkshire before he graduated from Kew with a diploma in horticulture.

Monty Don: Was a waiter and dustman before he found gardening work and became a self- taught horticulturist.
Men of Letters…

Alan Titchmarsh: Pursued a career in gardening journalism; has since written over 40 gardening books and 7 fiction novels.

Monty Don: Had Observer column and has published 15 gardening books. Now writes with his wife Sarah. 

Favourite Flora…

Alan Titchmarsh:
It’s a tree, not a plant, but his absolute garden favourite is the Egremont Russet apple tree.

Monty Don: Favours the “gentle charm and beauty” of the humble springtime primrose.


Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden begins on Friday at 8:00pm on ITV1, Monty Don can be seen in Gardeners’ World on Friday at 8.30pm on BBC2