“Demolitions” promised as Top Gear returns

The motoring entertainment show is back for six new editions from Sunday 26 June

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back  – and this time they’re planning demolitions, silly cars and a revolution in British public transport for the new Top Gear, beginning Sunday 26 June on BBC2 and BBC HD.


James May was his usual calm, reserved self as he bubbled to TopGear.com: “Did you see some of the clips on the Formula One of us in the hot hatches going round the Monaco Grand Prix circuit? That’s part of the new series and that was great, very intimidating. It felt really special for us to be allowed to go round it.”


Away from the racetrack, May added that the six new editions of the show will have much more: “Well, there’s some affordable performance cars, some electric cars, some actual racing, some proper demolition, some silly cars and Top Gear’s attempt to improve public transport, which I think is going to be absolutely brilliant.”