BBC plans “definitive” 7/7 film

New 90-minute documentary about the London terror attacks expected in summer 2012


BBC2 has commissioned acclaimed film-maker Morgan Matthews to produce a 90-minute documentary about the 7 July 2005 terrorist bombings in London. It is expected to be screened next year.


“We want to tell the big, definitive story,” said the BBC’s commissioning editor for documentaries Charlotte Moore. “This was the biggest bomb attack to hit the UK since the Blitz and it deserves this kind of attention.”

“Definitive is a difficult word,” said Bafta-winning director Matthews, “but I hope people may think of the film like that. There have been films on this subject but, with respect to them, I hope this is comprehensive.”

Matthews made BBC2’s 2008 documentary The Fallen, commemorating British soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Iraq. He said he’s similarly intending to focus on individuals’ stories in the new film, provisionally called 7/7. It will be based primarily on testimonies given at the inquest that ended this year with a verdict of unlawful killing for all victims.


Survivors and emergency services personnel testified at the inquest – Matthews said: “These stories haven’t been told in a film and it is important to do that.”