It’s not just Britain that’s Got Talent

Your indispensable guide to the top ten Got Talent formats from around the globe


It’s not just the British that can walk a dog backwards, co-ordinate a 20-man dance routine and discover children who can sing like angels. The Got Talent franchise has generated spin-offs in over 30 countries since it began in the in the UK in 2007. Here’s a round up of the best (and worst) of what you’ve been missing.


1. America’s Got Talent – The one with the best prize
Now into it’s sixth season, the US version offers the biggest prize of them all: one million dollars and the opportunity to perform at the Caesar’s Palace complex in Las Vegas. The judging panel features our very own Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne, who crowned Michael Grimm (pictured above), a 31-year-old singer/songwriter from Missisipi, last year’s winner. All previous champions of the show have been singers.

2. Australia’s Got Talent – The one with the most variety
With Dannii Minouge and former Westlife member Brian McFadden on the panel you’d think they’d be swayed towards musicians, but Aboriginal pole dancer Matty Shields made the semi finals only last week, along with skipping rope dancers Rock N Roll Ropers and Comedians Dash & D’Bree. Former winners include a guitarist named “Smokin’” Joe Robinson, and father and son musicians Cameron and Taylor Henderson who entered separately and came 2nd and 3rd respectively in last year’s final.

3. Ireland’s Got Talent – The one with the best judges
Boyzone’s Shane Lynch sits on the panel for this version, The All Ireland Talent Show, alongside a TV presenter, a weatherman and Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana. The show sees five regions; Ulster, Dublin, Munster, Connacht, and Leinster compete against each other, with traditional Irish group The Mullkerrins winning the first series and Chloe Coyle from County Tyrone crowned champion last year.

4. Ukraine’s Got Talent – The one with actual talent
Don’t you wish you could animate sand? No? Well you’ve obviously not seen specialist artist Kseniya Simonova, who won the first series of Ukraine’s Talent in 2009. The video of her unusual art generated over one million views around the world on the day of the final and she recently showcased her skills alongside the Ukranian entry in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

5. Slovenia’s Got Talent – The one with the youngest star
Slovenia discovered their very own Connie Talbot in seven-year-old singer Lina Kuduzovič last year. She became the youngest winner of a Got Talent show when she won the public vote in Slovenia’s first ever series.

6. Lithuania’s Got Talent – The one with the best instrument
The first ever winner of the Lithuanian show in 2009 proved you don’t always need an instrument to be able to create ‘beautiful’ music. His object of choice? His teeth.

7. Denmark’s Got Talent – The one that put rap on the talent map
The Danish spin-off was the first franchise to crown a rapper, Kalle Pimp, as a winning act in 2009. The Norway version followed the year after, with the Romanian spin-off finding a winning rapper for their first series which began this year.

8. Germany’s Got Talent – The one with the dancing dog
The winner of the third season in 2009 was Yvo Antoni who performed with his dog Prima Donna, becoming the first animal-supported act to win.

9. Estonia’s Got Talent – The one you can try at home
Estonia’s only talent champion to date is the winner of their 2010 series. Erki-Andres Nuut chose an everyday object, a leaf, to create his memorable performance. Do try this at home.


10. Korea’s Got Talent – The one we can’t wait for
South Korea’s version is set to premiere next month, and after all this lot the pressure really is on to come up with something original. Can they do it? Watch this space…