Freeze Frame: The Apprentice – double firing

It's two for the price of one as Vincent follows Ellie out of the boardroom

The scene: the boardroom; episode five of The Apprentice. Ellie has just been fired and, despite being on the losing team for the fifth week in a row, orange-tinged musketeer Vincent is somehow off the hook again.


Or is he..?

“Vincent,” growls Lord Sugar, “I got the feeling that you are too in awe of certain people and that you are playing a risky game in strategising by bringing the wrong people in here.”

“Yes, good point,” I think, “he’s going to have to buck up his ideas next week, isn’t he?”

“I think a message needs to go back,” continues Lord Sugar.

“Oh,” I think. “So he’s going to send Vincent back to the house with a strongly worded warning to the rest of the candidates. Good idea. Unless… Does he mean..?”

“Vincent – you’re also fired.”


BOOM! The first double-barrelled dismissal of the series. And as Lord Sugar blows the smoke from his firing finger, a dazed Vincent heads off on the long, dark cab ride of the soul…