Official: no more Daleks – for now

Steven Moffat says the Doctor Who monsters are being rested...


Talking exclusively to Radio Times, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has announced the Daleks will not be returning to the series in the immediate future.


“Actually, they aren’t going to make an appearance for a while. We thought it was about time to give them a rest,” he said. “There’s a problem with the Daleks. They are the most famous of the Doctor’s adversaries and the most frequent, which means they are the most reliably defeated enemies in the universe.

“They have been defeated by the Doctor about 400 times. Surely they should just see the Tardis approaching, say, ‘Oh, it’s him again’, and trudge away.”


The Daleks last featured in 2010’s season finale and have often made appearances alongside other enemies. Since their debut in 1963, there have been over 20 stories specifically about the Daleks.