Live blog: The Apprentice – Series 7, episode 1 – as it happened

Let Paul Jones and special guest @LordSirAlan guide you through the series opener

Recap: last night’s task saw the teams buying, re-packaging and flogging fruit and veg. The boys’ project leader Edward Hunter committed Apprenticide by refusing to use his professional accounting skills to formulate a plan for producing and selling orange juice. Hand-squeezing 1,400 pieces of citrus fruit was never going to work.


Along with his hang-ups about being labelled an accountant, Edward also seemed to have some issues with his size, although attempts to engender what we are now referring to as a “short-arse camaraderie” with Lord Sugar predictably failed.

Occasionally, you watch You’re Fired! after the main show and begin to suspect that the candidate in question might have been the victim of some tricky editing. Not the case with Edward, who continued to speak in cryptic half-sentences, remaining bolshy and unrepentant to the end.

Meanwhile, back at the main show, the Dalai Lama’s protege Melody used her enlightened management style to lead the girls’ team to victory, blowing the boys out of the water with a torpedo made of fruit salad sales.



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