Interview: Arthur Darvill – Rory mans up

We find out what's in store for Amy's other half in the latest series of Doctor Who


“Rory’s in it much more this series,” says Arthur Darvill. “We discussed what it would be like with three people in the Tardis. My slight concern was that Rory was going to be a third wheel, but all the writing’s been really clever. More things happen and people can go off in different directions.”


And Mr Amy Pond displays more backbone in this series. “Going on these adventures makes him man up a little bit. Amy will always wear the trousers in the relationship. As much as Rory has proved himself, it’s Amy after all, and I dare any man to be in charge of that relationship. She’s a firecracker.”

Asked to describe the sight of his on-screen wife wielding a sword in her pirate regalia, Darvill is to the point: “Terrifying. I did think she was going to have someone’s eye out, but she was actually quite nimble. Karen Gillan does her own stunts. Official!”

Darvill also plays guitar and piano and has supported Fyfe Dangerfield of Guillemots on tour. Given these talents (and Katherine Jenkins in last year’s Christmas special), is the series inching towards a Buffy-style all-musical episode? “We keep joking about it actually. It’s fun occasionally to just rehearse the lines as a musical!”


And what’s Karen’s voice like, we wonder? “Piercing.”