William and Kate: The Movie…the trailer arrives!

Instant reaction to the royal wedding American TV movie

It’s what they call a JFK moment, a life defining event that you will never forget… ladies and gentlemen, we present the trailer for William and Kate: The Movie.



Such is the cinematic importance of this hastily rushed together American TV movie (in no way related to the public’s insatiable appetite for all things royal) that we not only present the full 1 minute 37 second UK trailer for your delectation – but instant reaction from four of RadioTimes.com’s writers.

Paul Jones says:

Bold and innovative casting characterises this slightly dramatised account of the relationship that led to the wedding of the millennium.

British actress Camilla Luddington turns expectations on their heads, playing Kate as an American attempting to do an English accent. Welcomed into the inner sanctum of the British royal family by swarthy Latino Prince Charles, she meets the man she is destined to marry – Ben Fogle, as Prince William of Britannia!

You’ll laugh! You’ll…cringe… Just keep your legs firmly together, for the ride of a lifetime!

Tim Glanfield says:

“It is as it was,” the Pope was rumoured to have said after viewing Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ – surely today, with the much-anticipated William and Kate movie trailer finally in the public domain, every red-blooded royalist will be uttering those very same words. Although this extraordinary piece of cinema shines like the crown jewels on so many levels, if one were forced to single out an area for praise, it surely has to be its almost forensic attention to historical detail.

As we all know, Kate Middleton was renowned for speaking with a mid-Atlantic accent during her early years at university, something the film-makers have not forgotten.

Of course, before she received royal etiquette training, the wealthy daughter of a pilot was unaware that getting out of a car with her legs astride in a short dress might be considered unladylike.

And who could ever forget the moment that Charles oversaw the couple’s first public kiss, and knowingly whispered to himself (remembering his own very public relationship with the late Diana, Princess of Wales), “And so it begins…”

Yes, it’s the greatest love story ever told – and what’s more, it’s our story.

Accompanied by a sub-Dawson’s Creek soundtrack and some confusing but beautifully disguised shots of Los Angeles, we, their loyal subjects are invited on an intimate journey like no other…

No wonder the producers have chosen to bypass the impersonal cinema chains and released it straight to the most intimate format of all, DVD…

Rule Britannia!

Tom Cole says:

“You do realise this is the 21st century?” asks Kate Middleton towards the end of the trailer, causing her fusty etiquette coach to respond, “Maybe in your world…”

How apt. Wills ‘n’ Kate: the Movie looks on the face of it like the sort of ’90s made-for-TV efforts that clog up the TCM daytime schedule, what with its cast’s shaky British accents, a reliance on soft-core filler to keep the audience awake (check out the future queen’s apparent mid-trailer pole-dance) and a crass, glib approximation of the events it depicts.

While the whole project’s obviously nothing more than a quick cash-in, the fact that the producers have seen fit to pre-emptively stage and film the wedding (although disappointingly without casting Chuck Norris as Huw Edwards) earns them chutzpah points from me.

Cheesy, predictable and oozing bland glamour, it’s just bound to be a hit…

Laura Pledger says:

Think you know the royal family? Think again. William & Kate: The Movie puts a whole new spin on Prince William’s romance with middle-class minx Kate Middleton.

The film follows the stomach-churning tale as the famously American beauty captures the heart of the wooden future king in spite of her snooty peers and her inability to get out of a car in a ladylike fashion.

Against all odds – dodgy accents, hilarious casting and a dubious script – this was one love story that was just meant to be. Meant to be left on the cutting room floor…


William & Kate: The Movie will be screened on Channel 5, April 24 and is released on DVD to buy the following day



What do you make of the trailer? Will you be forking out for William and Kate: The Movie? Leave us a comment and let us know…