BBC releases new full-length trailer for Doctor Who series 6

Watch the one-minute trailer for the new series, which begins this Easter


After frustrating many fans with a 16-second “teaser” last week (you remember, the one with the spaceman), the BBC today released a full 60-second Doctor Who trailer to promote series six.


With the new series starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan not due to begin on BBC1 until Easter, deprived Whovians across the land are happy to take what they can get at the moment.  But what can we learn from this 60-second sci-fi assualt on our senses?

Well, the Doctor is in a spot of bother – in fact it’s his “darkest hour”, yikes. 

On the plus side, he appears to have developed a cracking Yorkshire impression (ee-by-gum) and grabs a quick snog with River Song, so it’s swings and roundabouts, I suppose?

Amy Pond is lost, the Doctor’s lost his hat – and Hugh Bonneville is hanging out with a load of be-masked weirdos on a ghost ship of some sort. 

Someone whose voice has been slowed down has killed a lot of Time Lords, a Lily Cole-alike is floating around on a green-screen … oh, and it’s time for the Doctor to stop running …

Best of all, it’s coming soon …