Keith Allen: Charlie Brooker produces “vacuous nonsense”

Allen tells the Radio Times why Brooker gets his goat

Maverick actor Keith Allen has hit out at journalist and broadcaster Charlie Brooker in this week’s Radio Times, branding the latter’s work “vacuous nonsense”.


In an interview with the magazine, Allen singled out Brooker in response to a query about who he would change channel to avoid seeing on TV. “There is nothing that would encourage me to watch that man,” he claims.

Highlighting what he sees as a trend in modern journalism, Allen adds that the 10 o’Clock Live host epitomises “a type” and insists “I can’t bear what those people do… There seem to be lots of people like that, in print as well as in television.”

Though perhaps surprisingly for the man behind such editorialised documentaries as Keith Meets Keith and Keith Allen Will Burn in Hell, the actor’s beef seems to stem from Brooker’s willingness to air his views publicly. “I’m not interested in your opinion, mate,” says Allen of the TV pundit.

But Charlie Brooker is not the only public figure to come under fire from Allen. He expresses similar disdain for reality TV shows, the presenters of Coast and the popularity of Facebook, all of which you can read about in the new issue of Radio Times, on sale now.


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