The Killing sets a new trend in knitwear

Crime drama fans are dying to get their hands on "that" chunky jumper


Has a television drama ever thrown up such a well-worn piece of clothing as detective Sarah Lund’s ratty, bobbly, black and white Faroe Island sweater in the Danish crime drama The Killing?


We won’t count Columbo’s mac because he pottered around in self-contained stories without any particular time-frame.

But in The Killing we follow Sarah (Sophie Grabol) on a remorseless 20-day investigation into the murder of a young woman and she’s so consumed she rarely manages to have a nap, eat dinner or change her clothes. We’re already up to day eight and Sarah and her pullover have survived a knife attack and lots of chasing around Copenhagen industrial estates.

Even if Sarah is a stranger to deodorant and a washing machine, her trusty pullover has made her into something of a style icon: identical models are selling fast on the internet (it’s known as the Sarah Lund Sweater, unsurprisingly). Or if you’re handy with knitting needles, try making one yourself.


Will you be trying to get your hands on a Sarah Lund Sweater? Post a comment and let us know.