Chris Packham: saving the tiger is wasting money

The presenter tells Radio Times that tiger conservation is not working...


Springwatch star Chris Packham caused a storm last year when he told Radio Times that panda conservation should be stopped – and now he’s back to say the same about tigers.


“Tiger conservation is a multimillion-pound business that isn’t working,” he claims in the latest issue of Radio Times. “I’m not saying the conservation agencies don’t have their hearts in the right place, but the results are disastrous.”

He says this knowing first-hand what a barrage of criticism he’s likely to get. Following his previous RT interview, “Pandagate” headlines ran all over the world and he was the focus of public ire.

“I was attacked by a man dressed as a panda,” he says. “And an American wrestler who calls himself ‘the Panda’ threatened to punch my lights out.


“But, bar the lunatics, the fallout was actually very positive. I received a tremendous amount of mail saying ‘Good on you, you said what a lot of us are thinking’. I wasn’t asking to kill the pandas, I was simply asking for an audit in terms of conservation resources, and I stand by every word.”