Radio Times covers party 2010

"Did I really keep finding excuses to cuddle Being Human's Aidan Turner?"


For me, Radio Times covers parties only really come into sharp focus the following morning, usually when my head is in my hands. And so it was this year: oh no, did I really keep finding excuses to cuddle Being Human’s Aidan Turner? Did I really ask Rob Brydon to sing to me? Yes, I did.


I can report that Aidan Turner (melting chocolate eyes, warm syrup voice) is utterly charming, as well as being so handsome that light bulbs spontaneously switch themselves on whenever he enters darkened rooms. Dear reader, he really is that good-looking. Not to mention gallant and forbearing in the face of overwhelming attention from certain mature RT-ladies-who-should-know-better.

My flinty heart melted, too, when Rob Brydon, at my admittedly imperious command, sang to me and to me alone in the middle of the crowded venue. Infuriatingly, I can’t remember what he sang, but whatever it was, it was completely lovely.

David Tennant didn’t sing to me, but never mind, he was as irrepressible and funny as ever. As was David Walliams, surely the world’s tallest man. He camped it up when I congratulated him on his engagement to model Lara Stone: “I know! Me! Engaged to a woman! Who’d have thought it!”

Later both Steve Pemberton and I got very excited as we discussed the new series of Whitechapel, one of my favourite guilty pleasures of last year. And I’m pleased to report that Jo Brand’s black comedy Getting On will return, too, to BBC4. I couldn’t persuade her to take off her coat, though.


Ben Miller couldn’t stop grinning because he was having such a good time, and I fell a tiny bit in love with the enchanting Ashley Banjo from Diversity. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that at some point in the evening I accidentally walked backwards straight into Michael Parkinson. Sorry, Sir.