Video: Radio Times covers party 2010

Watch behind-the-scenes video from our annual bash for the very first time - features Ben Miller and David Tennant...

You’ve never seen this before: for the very first time video cameras were allowed into this year’s Radio Times covers party. It’s the private showbiz event, the party you get into if you or your show has been on the cover of Radio Times magazine.


Filmed in a central London location on 26 January, this exclusive video shows you David Tennant getting teased for how many times he’s been on the cover in 2009. Ben Miller calls the event a “super-cluster of stars” and Katherine Kelly reveals how proud Coronation Street is of her cover.

You can’t buy your way into this party, but now you can see the fun and the glamour. Watch our video and tell us who your favourites are from the countless celebrities bursting to boast about their covers (video will load below):