Piers Morgan on Britain’s Got Talent

The straight-talking judge takes on the show's critics

Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan – who described singer Susan Boyle as “our very own Rocky” – talked to RT about some of the key battles the phenomenon has thrown up.


The people v Britain’s Got Talent

“People need to bear in mind that we are trying to produce good television… I think the whole debate about ‘truth in television’ has gone way too far. A show like ours… is all about entertainment, and in the end you have to have a sense of realism about that.”

“But I do think it’s important for the integrity of BGT that the public understands very, very clearly that the judges have absolutely no contact with the contestants before they walk on stage… The moment the acts walk in front of the judges is absolutely pure. We genuinely have no idea what is coming our way.”

America’s Got Talent v Britain’s Got Talent

“Britain’s Got Talent is not like America’s Got Talent, where you end up with a final where everyone can sing and they all fit the bill of good-looking young people. Ours is the ultimate variety show, where literally anything goes. Yes, there’s an element of the old-fashioned freak show, but I always believe that when you get to the semi-finals and finals, we all want the best talent we can find and that, in the end, is a matter for the British public to vote on.”

The tabloids v Britain’s Got Talent

“It irks me when, week after week, especially from my own tabloid world, there’s a burning need to belittle the show and degrade how awful it all is, when actually it’s the most popular show on British TV.”

Big Brother v Britain’s Got Talent

“We are the opposite of Big Brother, which gets held up as some kind of democratic social experiment… Big Brother is about celebrating the talentless. Britain’s Got Talent is 100 per cent about celebrating talent… It has become an international flag-waving show for British excellence. That’s something we can all – and should all – be proud of.”


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