Who is The Stig?

Experts and celebrity eyewitnesses tell RT who they think Top Gear's mysterious driver really is...


Racing legend, robot or giant wasp? Just who is Top Gear’s faceless test driver The Stig? We’ve gathered together expert testimony, celebrity eyewitness accounts and bookie’s nous in an attempt to gain a picture of the man behind the helmet.


The evidence

Theo Paphitis: “He’s definitely English, judging from the short, Anglo-Saxon words that came out of his mouth when I nearly crashed us. That was the only time he showed emotion.”

Lawrence Dallaglio: “I felt like I was talking to a Power Ranger. There was one point, though, where The Stig did lift his visor, and I saw his eyes. I’d say they were sympathetic.”

Kate Silverton: “He never took his helmet off, but he does have nice eyes. Fiona [Bruce] and I thought he was quite hot!”

The very first Stig: (F1 test driver Perry McCarthy). Did Damon Hill once sit in for you? “Never. But if you’re asking me ‘Has Damon ever sat in for The Stig since I left?’… Well…”

Vicki Butler-Henderson: “I know he likes his fish pie. I’ve seen him eating it with my own eyes.”

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson: “I’ve met him but I only saw him eat a steak and onion pie.”

Stunt driver Russ Swift: “I wish I had a fiver for every time someone asked me [if I’m The Stig]. It’s certainly flattering and I suppose, yes, I’d like to think I could do The Stig’s job.”

Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics: “I think it’s highly likely that The Stig is a robot. But you have to remember that even the cleverest robot is only as intelligent as the average wasp. So it’s just as likely that The Stig is, in fact, a giant wasp.”

The odds

Bookmakers William Hill provided us with the following odds:

Stunt driver Russ Swift – 2/1 favourite
Former F1 world champion Damon Hill – 4/1
Racing driver Ben Collins – 8/1
Jeremy Clarkson – 10/1
Ex-Top Gear test driver Tiff Needell – 14/1
Round-the-world yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur – 100/1
A robot – 1,000/1
A giant wasp – 1,000,000/1

The conclusion


So who do you think The Stig is? Or who would you like it to be?