Doctor Who: Which is the best Christopher Eccleston episode?

The Ninth Doctor wasn't around for long, but there are still plenty of great stories to choose from - which is your favourite?

He was the one who first shouldered the juggernaut of modern Doctor Who, helping to turn a character who’d been out in the wilderness for years into one of the most successful TV franchises in the world.


Sure, he only lasted one series – but the northern actor brought great pathos to the Ninth Doctor, reviving NuWho with panache in a series of great stories that still stand the test of time 10 years on.

Now it’s time to choose your favourite of those stories and episodes – check out the recaps below, and get voting!


The one where it all began (again), as a young shopworker (Billie Piper) meets a mysterious alien who calls himself the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston).

The End of the World

The Doctor shows Rose her planet’s last days – but there’s treachery afoot from the observing gallery of aliens.

The Unquiet Dead

The Doctor meets Dickens (Simon Callow) in this spooky, science-fiction take on the period ghost story. 

Aliens of London/World War Three

Who says new Who can’t create monsters? Here they introduced the profit-hungry Slitheen, who planned to sell the Earth down the river to make a quick buck.


If ever a Dalek story made the psychotic cyborgs seem as deadly as everyone seems to think they are, this was it –as a single survivor wipes out a military base.

The Long Game

This satirical look at rolling news channels boasted a guest appearance from Simon Pegg – and proved that not just anyone has what it takes to be a companion…

Father’s Day

The rules of time travel post-Time War are explored in this sad look into Rose’s past, including an encounter with her dead father (Shaun Dingwall).

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

Current showrunner Steven Moffat made his Who debut in this now iconic and truly creepy double bill, which also introduced John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness.

Boom Town

The episode examines The Doctor’s morality as he comes face-to-face with an old Slitheen enemy.

Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways


The explanation of the mysterious phrase “Bad Wolf” – scattered throughout the series – the return of the Daleks and a regeneration make for a memorable first series finale. Bye-bye Christopher Eccleston…