13 thoughts Bernard’s Watch fans will forever have

A child given the gift of unlimited time - but did he really, really make the most of infinity?

Even as adults, true fans of Bernard’s Watch still think about it on a daily basis.


They remember that blissful time after school when the jolly panpipe tune would play as Bernard strolled across a field in his stripy jumper like a Reservoir Dog who didn’t quite make the cut. As the music came to an end, the luckiest kid in the world would reveal his magical watch to the camera with an awkward smile, and a rainbow would appear from the heavens.


With cup of squash and biscuit in hand, revelling in the mild drama of the best CITV show ever, the true fan would have these 13 thoughts. And a decade after Bernard’s adventures in time came to an end, we’re still having them every day…