Your step-by-step guide to migrating… Rio 2-style

Let Blu, Jewel and co talk you through the ups and downs of migrating across South America in an exclusive clip

The stars of Rio 2 are here to talk you through travelling around South America. Helpful bunch, aren’t they?


In an exclusive clip of the new animated adventure, which hits UK cinemas this Friday, Blu, Jewel and the gang are heading off to the Amazon to find a hidden tribe of Spix’s macaws.

It’s the ultimate destination for a family vacation. Let alone a migration. So long as you remember the following things: bug spray, water purifier, a fanny pack (that’s a bum bag to you and me) and your GPS.

Preparation is essential and a sense of direction does help. Just, whatever you do, just don’t forget your spork. They really do have a multitude of uses…

Rio 2 is in UK cinemas on Friday 4 April.