You’ll never guess how much this Star Wars action figure sold for…

Boba Fett costs a few bob


If you are the proud owner of a rare Star Wars action figure, you might be sitting on a small gold mine.


A small boxed Boba Fett toy has just sold for the grand sum of £26,000. Not in a galaxy far, far away but in an auction in Teeside where a rare collection of Star Wars memorabilia is currently being auctioned off.

The figure of the popular bounty hunter, which is just 9.5cm high, smashed its predicted sale price of £4,000-£5,000.

The toy, which was described as being in “near to mint” condition, was originally sold in France and was produced by the Meccano brand.

Auctioneers Vectis have reportedly said the sale price was a world record.


The full collection is expected to sell for around £500,000.