Why are Darth Vader’s eyes glowing red in the new Star Wars: Rogue One images?

Could there be something very curious going on?


With pesky rebels plotting to steal the plans for his not yet fully functional battle station it’s little wonder Darth Vader would be angry in the upcoming Rogue One: a Star Wars story.


But do Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and co’s plans really explain why the Sith Lord appears to be seeing red in a new sneak peek at the film?

Entertainment Weekly released 15 new images from the upcoming film, and among them is a snap of everyone’s favourite Star Wars villain with what appears to be a red tinted lens in his helmet.

Now, if you think back to Revenge of The Sith, you might remember seeing red lenses inside the Vader helmet as it was lowered on to the rather badly burned Anakin Skywalker’s face.

Could they explain the red tint? And could we go behind the mask again as Vader makes his return to our cinema screens?

Of course, the red tint could just be a trick of the light, or something in Vader’s line of vision could be to blame…

Or it could be a nod to the 1977 original Vader helmet, which many say actually featured red lenses, which were merely quite subtle and hard to see unless viewed in a certain light.


Rogue One: a Star Wars Story opens in UK cinemas on 16th December