Transformers 4: First look at upgraded Optimus Prime and two new Autobot cars

Director Michael Bay shares stunning pictures of the latest vehicles on location

Transformers 4 is going to be pretty darn slick, judging by these pictures released by director Michael Bay.


We’ve all come to expect big, exciting looking vehicles from the franchise, but Transformers 4 is really taking it up a gear. These robots mean business, but they’re going to look good while they’re doing it, too. 

Here’s the completely upgraded custom-built Optimus Prime, who is looking super shiny and raring to go. It’s not an entirely new look for Optimus, he’s not cast aside the flames and gone for a Mr Blobby thing or anything. But there’s something just a bit more glossy (probably not a particularly robot word, but we’ll go with it) about the latest look. 

Optimus isn’t the only one catching some attention though. Bay also shared pictures of a souped-up Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse. It doesn’t look like a robot yet, but we’ve high hopes for this 1,200-horsepower vehicle. It’s worth $2.4 million – so presumably can do more than simply drive. 

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Plus, there’s a C7 Corvette Stingray in an eye-catching apple green. According to Bay it’s a race-inspired version, based on Chevrolet’s upcoming 2014 production car. There’s a venomous look to it – what it’ll transform into, who knows. But venomous has got to be good, right? 

Of course these cars shouldn’t just be ogled, no, no, no. They needed to be taken for a spin. With principal photography taking place in Monument Valley, what better place to find out what those powerful engines can really do.

Bay writes, “As guests of the Navajo Nation, we took a convoy of brand new, re-envisioned and remodelled Autobots out for a spin down Highway 163 in Monument Valley near the border of Arizona and Utah. Stay tuned… more to come!” We certainly will, Mr Bay! It’s our turn next, right?

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Transformers 4 opens in the UK on 27 June 2014