Tom Hanks’ Twitter feed is basically a Lost Property Office

Misplaced a glove? Tweet @tomhanks


Tom Hanks. Two-time Oscar winner, actor, producer… and Lost Property collector. Seriously. If you’ve misplaced something in New York City, chances are Tom Hanks knows where it is…


The 59-year-old has been baffling his Twitter followers by posting images of lost items on social media.

Hanks is spotting all sorts, from socks and children’s booties to, most recently, a fork. But the A-lister’s Twitter feed is primarily made up of other people’s lost gloves.

Strange, right? But Hanks’s habit has had some good results, previously reuniting a student with her lost ID, after he tweeted a picture of the card.


Perhaps that success has inspired him to set up a side business to keep him busy between blockbusters?