This is what happened when Adam Sandler found his doppelganger on Reddit

The power of social media, eh?


When new details about Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix movie The Do-Over were released, one fan thought it all looked strangely familiar…


That’s right. Not only does Redditor therealmaxkessler have the same name as the character Sandler is playing in the movie, he also looks an awful lot like the actor.

So much so that Adam Sandler himself got involved on Reddit. There was a brief face-off between the two Max Kesslers.


Before Sandler invited the real Max Kessler along to the premiere of The Do-Over in LA…


Kessler took his famous doppelganger up on the offer and the new pals walked the red carpet together last night.

And here’s the proof!


“Adam Sandler flew me out to the premiere of The Do-Over after he saw my post here,” wrote Max Kessler on Reddit, adding: “Thank you Adam for the incredible experience and thank you Reddit for making it happen!”