These “nano-impressions” are the best in time-saving hilarity

Want to hear the sound of Matthew McConaughey using the five-second rule? Walking Dead star Ross Marquand is your man


Impressions master (and The Walking Dead cast member) Ross Marquand has an unusual talent.


Not only can he imitate the starriest of A-listers with ease (including Harrison Ford, Christian Bale and Brad Pitt), but he can get that impersonation across in mere seconds, sometimes with barely any words at all.

For example, in this new video he perfectly conjures the image of Justin Timberlake thinking a wave was meant for him, George Clooney being interrupted in conversation and Michael Caine struggling to open a jar.


All in all it’s the most efficient chuckle we’ve had in years. Truly, this is comedy for the attention-deficit generation.