These are the emotions that got cut from Pixar’s Inside Out

It wasn't just always just Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust that ruled Riley's mind...


Of all the many feelings humans experience, how did the Inside Out screenwriters manage to choose just Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust?


Josh Cooley, who co-wrote the screenplay with Meg LeFauve and Pete Docter, have said that when writing the hugely successful Pixar film, they started off with lots of different emotions for main character Riley, including Surprise, Pride, Hope, Schadenfreude and Ennui.

“We had Schadenfreude, which was really fun,” Cooley said in an interview with Creative Screenwriting. “He was kind of a one-off gag, but Anger would punch Fear and Schadenfreude would see it and just go, [in a German accent] ‘Ha, ha, ha! Your pain amuses me!'”

But just like in real life, having so many emotions in the early versions got “too overwhelming and too confusing,” he said.


“We wanted to centre the story around Joy, so having all these other distractions just wasn’t working out. We narrowed it down to the five emotions that we really felt could show the full range of human emotions that best fit our story.”