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The 'prop' head in that classic Empire Strikes Back scene was actually Mark Hamill...

The Luke Skywalker actor apparently had to stick his force-sensitive bonce through the floor

Published: Wednesday, 20th April 2016 at 9:48 am

Mark Hamill is great on Twitter, whether he’s posting pretend spoilers from Star Wars Episode VIII, joking around on set or just hanging out with royalty. Seriously, if you’re not following him already, you really should.


But perhaps the best thing about the Luke Skywalker actor’s account is that he’s constantly revealing juicy behind-the scenes tidbits from the original Star Wars films – and his latest piece of trivia is characteristically interesting.

Remember that weird scene in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back when Luke (while being trained by Yoda) fights a vision of Darth Vader in a cave, only to see his own face behind the mask (hinting at the film’s revelation that Darth Vader was his own father)?

No? Well here it is again just in case.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? And some especially impressive prosthetic work from the art department, creating a dummy head of Mark Hamill that looks just like his actual one…

Oh – turns out, when we were watching Luke’s struggle with his inner darkness and the power of the force, we were actually seeing Mark Hamill sticking his head through the floor and putting on a “durr” face.


We may never see that film in the same way again…


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