The Inbetweeners guide to travel

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil are heading to Australia for The Inbetweeners Movie sequel. They'll be fine Down Under, they've learnt tons about travelling over the years...

The Inbetweeners gang, Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, will be swapping the booze-drenched delights of a holiday in Malia for the (quite possibly booze-drenched) delight of Australia as they head Down Under for the next big-screen instalment of the hit comedy.


And that means they’ll need to put all their years of travel knowledge to good use.

From road trips to rural camping, these guys have literally been there, done that and got the dodgy t-shirt.

With that sort of wisdom at their fingertips, who needs a travel guide?

Check the tour shirts before you leave? Pah! Your mates can be trusted.

Don’t always believe the photos on the website. 

Be sure to fit in with the local culture. An England football shirt and a whole bottle of fake tan should do the trick.

Don’t trust the water – oversized luminous drinks are probably safer. 

Driving? Always ensure you pull into the correct side of the petrol station to refuel. 

Always read the local signs.

Holiday tattoo? Double check your translation.

Trying your hand at camping? Don’t worry about toilet paper or cooking utensils, Monopoly is the real essential. 

Make like cave men and, er,  throw all of your friend’s possessions on the fire to keep it going…

Be sure to iron your pants before packing. Naturally.

Be sure there’s room to store any extra carry-on.

Find someone trustworthy to apply your suncream.

Above all else, try to look cool at all times.

At all times…

At all… oh never mind.