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The Force Awakens deleted scene reveals why you should let the Wookie win

Simon Pegg is in big trouble

Published: Wednesday, 19th October 2016 at 8:32 am

There are two things every Star Wars fan knows:


1. Han shot first.

2. Let the Wookie win.

Clearly Unkar Plutt didn't get the memo.

In this recently released deleted scene from The Force Awakens (it's almost like there's a new Blu-Ray coming out in time for Christmas), the alien scrap merchant played by Simon Pegg finds Rey and demands she return the stolen Millennium Falcon.

Chewbacca isn't having it.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the scene continues, with the Wookie calmly explaining that the vessel was stolen from himself and Solo, and he would gladly show him the pink slip.

No, wait. Of course that's not what happens. Chewie rips Plutt's arm off.


You can see why the scene was cut, but we're still a little sad. It would pay off a very long running joke in the Star Wars universe.


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