The Bling Ring, Roman Holiday, Quadrophenia: films on TV today

Emma Watson checks in to Paris Hilton's pad, Audrey Hepburn's runaway royal explores the Eternal City, and Phil Daniels is simply mod for it: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV

Premiere The Bling Ring ★★★★
9.00-10.45pm Film4 


In 2012, a group of privileged teenagers were sentenced for burgling the houses of celebrities (including Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan) for illicit kicks and social infamy, taking around $3m. This is the implausible but true basis for writer/director Sofia Coppola’s fifth film, which re-creates the vicarious mayhem in pop-video style and to an extent satirises vapid celeb culture. It also gives Emma Watson her breakout part as one of the LA airheads who can’t form sentences without using the word “like”. Hilton and her house cameo as themselves, as if to square the self-reflexive circle, and as long as you don’t expect to get inside the perpetrators’ pretty little heads, as a real-life crime drama, it’s certainly refreshingly different. 

Roman Holiday ★★★★★
10.50am-1.10pm More4 

The perfect getaway with Audrey Hepburn as a princess visiting Rome who falls in love with journalist Gregory Peck.    

Dear John ★★★★
6.55-9.00pm Film4 

Channing Tatum stars as an American soldier who falls in love with Amanda Seyfried. From the pen of author Nicholas Sparks, who brought you The Notebook, this is guaranteed to make you cry.  

The Legend of Bagger Vance ★★★
6.30-9.00am Movie Mix 

This golfing tale is no Tin Cup. It’s a subtle drama about hurt and healing with Matt Damon as the talented but broken war veteran and Will Smith as a mysterious caddie.

Quadrophenia ★★★★
10.30pm-1.00am ITV4 

They are the mods. They are the mods. They are, they are, they are the mods. Phil Daniels is ace as the wannabe face in this vibrant take on The Who’s rock opera.


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