Meryl Streep has responded to her Oscar nomination with the perfect gif

“Please find the following gif as a statement on behalf of Meryl Streep”


What better way to react to your 20th Oscar nomination than with a gif of yourself dancing?


Meryl Streep has done just that following her nod for best actress for her role in Florence Foster Jenkins.

The record-shattering nomination comes just weeks after Streep was blasted as “overrated” by US President Donald Trump, and perhaps because of this – and because she is Meryl Streep – the actress decided to skip the usual statement and go with a gif of pure joy, whimsy and sass.


Following the announcement of the best actress contenders, also including Emma Stone for La La Land and Natalie Portman for Jackie, an email was sent around from Paramount saying: “Please find the following gif as a statement on behalf of Meryl Streep.” This was a welcome change from the traditional spiel.

The GIF actually comes from Paul McCartney’s 2013 music video for Queenie Eye, which you can watch below.


Some of Streep’s other notable nominations include best actress nods for 1983’s Sophie’s Choice, 1996’s The Bridges of Madison County, and 2007’s The Devil Wears Prada, and supporting actress nods for 1979’s The Deer Hunter, 1980’s Kramer vs. Kramer and 2015’s Into the Woods. Of her 20 nominations, she’s taken home three statues for Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie’s Choice, and The Iron Lady.