JK Rowling pleads for mercy for QI Elf who got a Harry Potter fact wrong

The author has threatened to send a box of socks to the QI Elves if the punishment is not reversed


The QI Elves could soon be celebrating their freedom from their tyrannical BBC overlords – as Harry Potter author JK Rowling has threatened to send over a box of socks.


After getting one of the Elves into trouble, Rowling channelled SPEW founder Hermione Granger (that’s the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, of course) and demanded the mistreatment stop.

The dispute kicked off when Rowling scolded QI’s fact-finding team for not knowing where Quidditch was actually invented.

With Rowling always on Twitter these days, you really have to be careful when talking about Harry Potter…

But as the QI bosses scrambled to correct their mistake, they went too far.

Rowling had to step in.


But if the Elves are all handed socks, and thereby their freedom, who will do all the behind-the-scenes work at QI? Disaster! Hopefully the QI bosses listen to reason and restore all chocolate frogs to their rightful owners.