James Bond: Spectre begins filming in London

Production begins on London's waterways, including Regent's Canal and the River Thames

Daniel Craig and Rorry Kinnear were spotted in the UK’s capital last weekend in a speedboat whizzing along the Thames past the MI6 building and under Vauxhall Bridge. The pair, who will play James Bond and Bill Tanner respectively, were dressed in all black and were being driven by two extras fitted out in security uniforms.


People wearing Spectre stunt crew jackets have also been spotted at Camden Lock on Regent’s Canal, where it’s believed another scene will take place. Fans will remember Bond exercising not far away in Regent’s Park in the official Skyfall trailer.

Meanwhile, images of James Bond’s fancy London apartment, to be used in the first scene of the movie, have been released, and were shared yesterday by The Express.

The production continued in London after reports that the Spectre screenplay had been stolen in a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer system.

Spectre’s title was officially announced earlier this month, and big budget scenes from the new action-packed movie will be filmed in Austria’s snowy Tyrol region, on Rome’s historic streets and in the desertscapes of Morocco. In exotic locations Bond will go on a mission to uncover a sinister organisation. Meanwhile, back in London, M has to try and keep the secret service alive, as Bond cuts his way through lies and deception to figure out the shocking truth.

Daniel Craig will star alongside by Lea Seydoux, Monica Bellucci and Christoph Waltz in his fourth outing as Bond. Spectre will be released on 6th November 2015.


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