Here’s why Star Wars fans should think about changing their passwords…

Use The Force to think up something new and protect your privacy


For the fifth year running, password security company SplashData has released their list of the world’s most common passwords, and while there are still a few old favourites in the top list (including the ever-secure 123456 and “password”) some new entries have a curious sci-fi twist.


After scouring through 2 million passwords, the team found that the 25th most popular password in 2015 was “StarWars”, with the possibly Harrison Ford-linked “solo” also making the cut at 23 (we’re assuming “princess” is a coincidence and not related to Carrie Fisher’s Leia).

Interestingly, this new popularity was before The Force Awakens was even released in cinemas, so God knows how many Kylos and Reys will be clogging up people’s logins from hereon out.

You can see the full list below if you want to know what passwords to avoid, and just remember – in this one and only case, “lightsaber” won’t cut it either.

The 25 most-used passwords (change from 2014)

1) 123456 (unchanged)

2) password (unchanged)

3) 12345678 (up 1)

4) qwerty (up 1)

5) 12345 (down 2)

6) 123456789 (unchanged)

7) football (up 3)

8) 1234 (down 1)

9) 1234567 (up 2)

10) baseball (down 2)

11) welcome (new)

12) 1234567890 (new)

13) abc123 (up 1)

14) 111111 (up 1)

15) 1qaz2wsx (new)

16) dragon (down 7)

17) master (up 2)

18) monkey (down 6)

19) letmein (down 6)

20) login (new)

21) princess (new)

22) qwertyuiop (new)

23) solo (new)

24) passw0rd (new)


25) starwars (new)